Roof waterproofing & roof leak repair service

Helmed by 40-year veteran waterproofer, Lim Sar Tee, who has completed thousands of projects, big and small, successfully, we’ll ensure your property is safe from unwanted water intrusion.

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Lin Jin Ze Construction provides a quality roof waterproofing and roof leak repair service that protects homes, business establishments, and industrial properties in Singapore from the extensive damage water incursion can cause.

The expertise and experience of our roof waterproofing contractors means we can guarantee a long-term solution to keep your property dry and safe.

Why choose us?

Our water leakage repair services are delivered by a team of skilled contractors led by Lim Sar Tee, who has more than 40 years’ experience in the waterproofing business. When it comes to applying the most effective roof waterproofing repair materials to withstand the Singapore climate of heavy rain and high humidity, he’s the expert.

Reasons householders and businesses choose our rooftop waterproofing specialists include:

  • Impressive reputation – more than 350 waterproofing projects with total customer satisfaction.
  • Use of the most advanced waterproofing technologies and techniques.
  • Friendly helpful service and total customer commitment.
  • Free site evaluation and quote.
  • Good in-house warranties – up to 10 years.

Our roof waterproofing services

Lin Jin Ze Construction’s rooftop waterproofing services can deal with leakage issues with all types of roofs – concrete, slabs, tiles, and metal. We also specialise in roof terrace, deck, and garden waterproofing.

Roof leakage repair

We provide leak roof repairs to solve problems caused by damage to waterproof membranes, roof flashing, and roof sheeting.

An obvious sign of leakage is water staining on ceilings or walls, but identifying the exact source of the problem usually requires the expertise of a specialist.

Reinforced concrete flat roof waterproofing

Flat roofs can be notorious for leaks, especially those constructed from reinforced concrete (RC), which is porous and therefore susceptible to water incursion.

Our concrete roof waterproofing contractors and flat roof waterproofing and leak repair specialists can provide a long-term solution by applying a waterproofing membrane to seal the roof.

Tile roof waterproofing

Broken or slipped tiles or shingles are often the cause of roof leakage and result in pooling inside the roof, which can seep downwards into a property’s interior.

However, the problem may not be fixed by fitting replacement tiles. The main cause of leakage from a tiled roof can be the underlying membrane – replacing this is far more involved and best left to a tiled roof leak repair expert.

Metal roof leak repair

Most leaks in metal roofs are caused by incorrect fitting of the roofing screws – misaligned, too tight or too loose. Our metal roof repair services also address leakage problems resulting from a breakdown of the stack flashing that provides waterproofing around pipework for venting systems in a building.

Roof terrace waterproofing

Our services include cleaning the surface, repairing weakened substrate, sealing around rainwater outlets, and applying layers of water-resistant coating.

For roof surfaces that are exposed to direct sunlight or require a high level of elasticity, polyurethane waterproofing system can be used.

Roof garden waterproofing

Lin Jin Ze Construction’s roof garden waterproofing service involves thorough preparation of the substrate, including repairing any cracks and applying layers of waterproof coating followed by a final protective layer of water-resistant compound.

We also ensure adequate filtration and drainage.

Roof deck waterproofing

Our service includes concrete roof deck waterproofing, wood and plywood deck treatments, and metal deck waterproofing.

We use high-performance polyurethane coatings that provide a tough, durable, water-resistant surface with good stability in strong sunlight.

No more unwanted water intrusion!

Guided by Lim Sar Tee, an industry expert with 40+ years of experience, we'll ensure your premises are safe from water infiltration.

Cost of roof waterproofing

The cost of roof waterproofing depends largely on the type of roof and roof waterproofing system installed. For example, replacement tiling costs more than waterproofing a concrete roof. Other factors affecting roof waterproofing pricing include the size of the roof and whether scaffolding is needed.

Contact us for a free on-site roof leakage inspection so we can tell you precisely how much your waterproofing works will cost.

Our waterproofing warranty

Waterproofing repair works

1 year

Waterproofing system reinstallation

5 years

Sheet waterproofing systems

10 years

Problems our roof waterproofing contractors solve

Lin Jin Ze Construction’s roof waterproofing professionals protect homes and commercial and industrial properties from the ravages of water incursion.

Water leaking from a roof can cause immense and costly damage as it travels downwards throughout a building. It can ruin furniture and affect fittings and fixtures and even the structural integrity of the property.

Then there’s the issue of mould development, which poses health hazards such as respiratory problems.

If you want to avoid issues like these, contact Lin Jin Ze Construction today for a free quote on restoring your roof waterproofing to good condition to keep you and your property safe.

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