Kitchen waterproofing service

Helmed by 40-year veteran waterproofer, Lim Sar Tee, who has completed thousands of projects, big and small, successfully, we’ll ensure your property is safe from unwanted water intrusion.

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Lin Jin Ze Construction’s kitchen waterproofing service provides effective, lasting solutions that protect your family’s health and safety while preventing potentially serious damage to your home due to spread of water incursion.

We also offer commercial kitchen wall and kitchen floor waterproofing services for establishments such as restaurants and food delivery-only businesses.

Why choose us?

House owners, eateries, and cloud kitchens specialising in food delivery know they can depend on our impressive reputation as a leading Singapore waterproofing company – more than 350 homes and businesses waterproofed in 7 years.

Other reasons our kitchen waterproofing service is in demand include:

  • Exceptional customer service, including free site inspection and quote.
  • Skilled, experienced waterproofing technicians.
  • Use of the latest waterproofing technology and most effective materials.
  • In-house warranties.

Our kitchen waterproofing services

Lin Jin Ze Construction provides quality residential and commercial kitchen waterproofing services throughout Singapore.

Water incursion in floors and walls can be a particular problem in kitchens because they’re wet areas. We address this issue with waterproofing techniques including liquid-applied membranes (LAM), preformed membranes, and integral systems such as screeding over concrete subfloors.

Home kitchen waterproofing

If you spot signs of water infiltration such as cracks or stains on your kitchen walls or floors, you’ll likely need the prompt attention of our residential kitchen waterproofing service – ongoing water seepage can do more damage than a burst pipe.

We can waterproof your kitchen floors and walls with cementitious material that creates a watertight membrane over the concrete.

Commercial kitchen waterproofing

Leaking or water pooling in a commercial kitchen can provide a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that could get transferred onto food during preparation.

Our commercial kitchen waterproofing service enables businesses such as restaurants and cloud kitchens to maintain high standards of hygiene and prevents serious water damage.

No more unwanted water intrusion!

Guided by Lim Sar Tee, an industry expert with 40+ years of experience, we'll ensure your premises are safe from water infiltration.

Cost of kitchen waterproofing

Kitchen waterproofing cost depends on factors such as the size of the kitchen, ease of access, and the type of waterproofing material required. A further pricing consideration is whether tiling needs replacing.

Contact us for a free site assessment to give you an exact price for waterproofing your kitchen.

Our waterproofing warranty

Waterproofing repair works

1 year

Waterproofing system reinstallation

5 years

Sheet waterproofing systems

10 years

Benefits of hiring our kitchen waterproofing contractors

Our kitchen waterproofing contractors prevent potential health, hygiene, and safety issues associated with water seepage, including:

  • Development of fungi, including mould and mildew – particularly dangerous for children and older people.
  • Insect infestation through cracks in walls.
  • Slippery floors, posing the risk of a fall.

Problems like these in a commercial kitchen could do serious damage to the business if allowed to develop.

Lin Jin Ze Construction’s residential and commercial kitchen waterproofing and waterproofing repair services deliver a long-lasting solution to end all the problems linked with kitchen water leakage – backed by in-house warranties of up to 10 years.

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