Floor waterproofing service

Helmed by 40-year veteran waterproofer, Lim Sar Tee, who has completed thousands of projects, big and small, successfully, we’ll ensure your property is safe from unwanted water intrusion.

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Lin Jin Ze Construction provides a quality floor waterproofing service with lasting results to keep homes and business properties free from the multiple issues associated with water intrusion.

Our floor waterproofing ensures buildings are dry and safe with a comfortable environment while preventing the potentially significant, costly damage that water infiltration can cause.

Why choose us?

Lin Jin Ze Construction has been waterproofing floors in residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Singapore since 2013, earning an impressive reputation for reliability and value for money.

Other reasons house owners and businesses choose our floor waterproofing contractors include:

  • Expertise and experience – more than 350 waterproofing and water seepage repair projects completed so far, to the complete satisfaction of our customers.
  • Advanced waterproofing technologies and techniques, with high-performance materials.
  • Free site evaluation and quote.
  • In-house warranties.
  • Outstanding customer service.

Our floor waterproofing service

Lin Jin Ze Construction’s service typically entails waterproofing whole floors, and we can do this in all areas of properties, including garages. We waterproof all types of flooring, including tile floors, concrete floors, and floor slabs.

We can install waterproof membranes either above or below screed or tile beds – whichever will be most effective for your particular floor.

Chemical infusion waterproofing

We also offer one of most advanced chemical methods for waterproofing – flood infusion/chemical infusion – if you want to avoid hacking or other intrusive works and the associated extra expense.

Gaining in popularity in Singapore, flood infusion uses waterborne polymer waterproofing chemicals to seal cracks in concrete thereby providing barrier against water.

No more unwanted water intrusion!

Guided by Lim Sar Tee, an industry expert with 40+ years of experience, we'll ensure your premises are safe from water infiltration.

Cost of floor waterproofing

Floor waterproofing cost depends on several considerations, including size of the surface and type of waterproofing method and material used. We can also provide chemical infusion waterproofing that doesn’t require the removal of tiles.

Contact us for a free site inspection, which will enable us to tell you exactly how much your floor waterproofing will cost.

Our waterproofing warranty

Waterproofing repair works

1 year

Waterproofing system reinstallation

5 years

Sheet waterproofing systems

10 years

Benefits of hiring our floor waterproofing contractors

Experienced floor waterproofing contractor Lin Jin Ze Construction prevents the serious issues that can arise from a leaking floor, including:

  • Water damage. Floor seepage can do extensive damage to the contents and fabric of a building. For example, water leakage from a floor at the top of your house can continue on its descending journey right through your property into your basement and the building’s foundations.
  • Health risks. A leaking floor can pose a health problem in the form of mould, which thrives in damp atmospheres, particularly in Singapore. This can cause respiratory problems, and older people and children are particularly vulnerable.

You can rely on Lin Jin Ze Construction to protect your building and its occupants from problems like these, with effective floor waterproofing guaranteed to last.

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