Ceiling waterproofing & ceiling leak repair service

Helmed by 40-year veteran waterproofer, Lim Sar Tee, who has completed thousands of projects, big and small, successfully, we’ll ensure your property is safe from unwanted water intrusion.

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Lin Jin Ze Construction’s ceiling waterproofing and ceiling leakage repair service spares homeowners and businesses from costly water damage.

We’re experienced in identifying the source of leaks, which is extremely difficult for the layperson because the root problem is seldom the ceiling itself.

Ceiling leak issues are often caused by waterproofing problems in the floor above or roof water leakage – and that’s where the problem usually needs to be addressed first.

Why choose us?

Lin Jin Ze Construction’s water seepage repair specialists provide lasting, effective ceiling waterproofing by first addressing the underlying issue and then ensuring your ceiling is watertight.

House owners and businesses choose us because they know from our reputation they can rely on us for a first-rate service.

Benefits of hiring Lin Jin Ze Construction include:

  • Quality waterproofing materials
  • Advanced waterproofing technology
  • Free site inspection and quote
  • In-house warranties
  • Exceptional customer service

Our ceiling waterproofing service

Lin Jin Ze Construction’s ceiling waterproofing service – including concrete/cement ceiling waterproofing – entails addressing problems with the above floor or the roof and injection of PU (polyurethane) grouting into ceiling cracks caused by water penetration.

Leakage from the above floor

We can apply a coating of waterproofing material to the surface of the floor above your leaking ceiling to stop water infiltration or install a new waterproof membrane.

Roof leaks

Our roof leak repair service fixes problems such as degraded waterproof membranes, damage to roof sheeting and flashing, and broken tiles. We can resolve water seepage issues with all types of roofs – tiles, metal, and concrete – including flat roofs.

PU grouting

When polyurethane foam is injected with pressure into ceiling cracks it expands and toughens to prevent water leakage from the gaps themselves and the structural joints.

Advantages of PU grouting for ceiling waterproofing and leak repairs include:

  • Fast and efficient waterproofing solution.
  • No need for hacking.
  • Reinforcing structural strength.
No more unwanted water intrusion!

Guided by Lim Sar Tee, an industry expert with 40+ years of experience, we'll ensure your premises are safe from water infiltration.

Cost of ceiling waterproofing

Ceiling waterproofing costs can vary greatly depending on the source of the leakage problem. The least expensive methods are PU grout injection into the ceiling and repairing waterproofing of the above floor. Roof leakage repairs are more costly.

Contact us for a free site assessment so we can give you a precise figure for your ceiling waterproofing and leak repair.

Our waterproofing warranty

Waterproofing repair works

1 year

Waterproofing system reinstallation

5 years

Sheet waterproofing systems

10 years

Ceiling waterproofing contractor that saves you money and protects your health

Our ceiling waterproofing experts prevent costly damage to homes and business properties – ceiling water leakage can spread throughout lower floors, destroying fittings and furniture and ruining contents of your property.

If water penetrates your basement, it can weaken the building’s foundations, threatening the structural integrity of a building.

As well as addressing issues like these, we also help to safeguard the health of a building’s occupants by preventing the formation of mould caused by the excessive moisture associated with water seepage – a problem that can cause respiratory issues.

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