Waterproofing & water seepage repair services

Helmed by 40-year veteran waterproofer, Lim Sar Tee, who has completed thousands of projects, big and small, successfully, we’ll ensure your property is safe from unwanted water intrusion.

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Lin Jin Ze Construction offers specialist waterproofing and water seepage repair services that halt the damage leaks cause and provide lasting results. Our reliable leak repairs will give you a dry, safe, and comfortable home or business premises, free from the health risks associated with water incursion.

At the same time, you’ll also have peace of mind that the structure and contents of your home or business building are protected from the damage that can result from prolonged water intrusion.

Why choose us?

Householders and businesses across Singapore choose our water leak detection and repair services because we’re specialist waterproofing contractors with:

  • Vast experience in waterproofing repairs.
  • Cost-effective waterproofing solutions without sacrificing quality.
  • The latest technologies and techniques and the best materials.
  • Total commitment to providing an outstanding service that fully meets or even exceeds our customers’ expectations.
  • Free on-site water seepage inspection and quote.

Our waterproofing repair and water leakage repair services

Lin Jin Ze Construction provides waterproofing and water leak repair services for homes and business properties such as shops and offices, factories, and warehouses. Our waterproofing works are guaranteed to be durable, with warranties of up to 10 years.

Roof waterproofing & roof leak repair

Our roof waterproofing and roof leak repair services put a stop to the potentially serious damage that a breakdown in roof waterproofing can cause. If you notice stains on walls or ceilings or water pooling in your basement, the problem could be a leaking roof.

Balcony waterproofing

As with roofs, water penetration from balconies can damage interiors, causing structural problems that can be costly to fix. Our balcony waterproofing specialists can safeguard your balcony against leakage, with materials designed to withstand the heavy rainfalls of Singapore.

Basement waterproofing & basement seepage repair

Basement waterproofing failure can play havoc with the building foundations and are a common issue in Singapore because of high humidity and abundant rain. Our basement waterproofing and basement seepage repairs include sealing walls, lining floors, and applying exterior waterproofing membranes.

Bathroom waterproofing & bathroom seepage repair

Your bathroom is potentially the most dangerous room in your home, especially if leaks develop. Our bathroom waterproofing and bathroom seepage repair services protect families from the health and safety risks posed by water leakage, including slippery surfaces and water getting into electrics.

Kitchen waterproofing

Like bathrooms, your kitchen is a wet area where good waterproofing is crucial for the health of your family and to avoid costly water damage. Lin Jin Ze Construction’s kitchen waterproofing experts use various quality materials to ensure that kitchen walls and floors are watertight.

Ceiling waterproofing & ceiling leak repair

Ceiling cracks and the deterioration of waterproofing membranes and screed – especially in wet areas – are particularly common in older properties. Our ceiling waterproofing and ceiling leakage repair technicians will identify and rectify the source of the problem – often the floor above – and ensure your kitchen ceiling is waterproof.

Floor waterproofing

Our floor waterproofing services entail the installation of a new water-resistant membrane or coating the surface with a layer of waterproofing material. We can make all types of floors watertight and we specialise in chemical infusion solutions that avoid hacking.

Wall waterproofing & wall water leakage repair

Interior and exterior wall waterproofing and wall water leakage repair is essential to prevent weakening of the structure of your property that’s expensive to repair. If you see indications of water damage, such as dampness or peeling paint on your walls, we can fix the problem with a long-lasting solution to keep your building safe and dry.

No more unwanted water intrusion!

Guided by Lim Sar Tee, an industry expert with 40+ years of experience, we'll ensure your premises are safe from water infiltration.

Cost of water leak repair

The cost of repair depends on several factors. These include the type of waterproofing material required, the size of the area that needs waterproofing, and whether there’s easy access to the site.

Contact us for a free site inspection so we can give you a precise costing for your waterproofing job.

Our waterproofing warranty

The in-house warranties Lin Jin Ze Construction provides.

Waterproofing repair works

1 year

Waterproofing system reinstallation

5 years

Sheet waterproofing systems

10 years

Issues caused by water seepage

Water infiltration into the home or workplace can result in various issues, some of them potentially serious.

For instance, water penetrating electrical systems in wet areas can give you a nasty shock – or even worse.

Other problems include:

  • Damage to possessions and the fabric of the property.
  • Growth of toxic mould, threatening the health of occupants.
  • Interruption to business and loss of trade in commercial buildings; and production stoppage and damage to goods and equipment in industrial properties.
Problem solved!

Lin Jin Ze Construction solves problems like these with its quality, effective water seepage repair services, trusted by homeowners and businesses because they provide lasting solutions.

Importantly, we comply fully with government guidelines and regulations and standards set out by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA).

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